William Hewitson, known to all as “Billy” is the Chairman of Queen of the South Football Club and Trustee. Billy was born & bred in the Dumfries & Galloway and continues to live and support the region.

Billy is a qualified Structural Engineering went on to establish a reputable and successful building and support services company with established clients in private & public sector throughout the UK.

It was in 2003 Billy was appointed as director at Queen of the South. In that time has seen the club reach a Scottish cup final, win the double in 2013 and saw the club topple Rangers 3-0 at Palmerston.

It goes without saying that Billy’s own passion for football and all sporting activities in the region, he has been a driver and influencer to improving health and well-being (physical and mental) of all generations in the region.

Billy will sit on the board as an integral trustee to help lead the Charity forward proactively to support the wider community and people and visitors to Dumfries & Galloway.